Dear Atulya

About Atulya

Pushpagiri Ram

I had the pleasure of working with Vidya and the rest of her amazing team. Vidya was very professional and was always available to handle any of my questions and concerns at the time.  We being non residents of India, we didn’t worry much about organizing the event including, decor (pleasure to the eyes), food (delicious), photography (loved the clicks).  Everyone raved about the event afterwards. Your krishna theme is definitely a hit! I would definitely recommend Atulya Events for any special event planning. They are the best!


Their attention to details is amazing. Knowledge of traditions conducting the marriage like its their own function helped us to enjoy the wedding. Go to people for weddings.

About Atulya
About Atulya

Deepa Nagaraj

Each and every part of decor done with lot of love, care and finesse, putting lot of aesthetic sense creating a unique theme each time, every time. Would definitely recommend to my friends.

Shashikala Venkataraman

Meticulous planning and brilliant execution, especially of our traditions, in a very authentic manner!

About Atulya
About Atulya

Murali Krishnan. S

Atulya’s customization is amazing.. detailing in every aspect. Absolute value for money.

Divya Ramkumar

Srividya aunty planned and executed my son’s ayushahomam and it was nothing but beyond excellent in terms of design, planning, execution and anything else that I needed. I loved her ideas for each aspect of the event. What I loved the most was I never got a no from her while she tried to do everything that we wanted and her attitude of no event/detail is small is what I will keep going back to her. Highly recommend Atulya events for any event needs ❤

About Atulya
About Atulya

Vidhu Bahl Purkayastha

Elegant decor, systematic approach and professionally handled events make Atulya an atulya experience !

Madhulika Babu

Doing a destination wedding is not an easy task by any means, but choosing Atulya and Srividya as our event managers made it a stress free process. Srividya aunty told me when I came down to India in September 2018 (4 months prior to my wedding) that she will take care of my wedding like my mother in India and that I didn't have to worry and she definitely kept her word.

Every single aspect of my wedding was exactly how I wanted it from the lotus flower garlands to the horse carriages, the pastel floral decoration to the traditional South Indian dances.

I am not the easiest person to please (and neither is my mum), we have big ideas and want everything to be perfect. We wanted a traditional South Indian hindu wedding with Radha Krishna theme, however we wanted it to be a subdued Radha Krisha theme to represent love but not religion. We wanted the Barath to have horse carriages, dholak, chaadar and bhangra but also show case typical South Indian tradition with karakatam and poi kal gutharai. We wanted bangle stalls, mehendi, chat stall. We wanted vibrant colours during barath but pastel floral decor and fusion music for the reception part. We had Pinterest photos for everything even garlands and flowers for the hairstyles. Atulya and Srividya delivered on all counts.

Hailing from Australia, we did not know any photographer, videographers or even where to buy my wedding outfits and stitch my wedding blouse. Choosing Atulya not only meant that I had a beautiful wedding but also meant that I have beautiful documentation of our special days for years to come as without her we would not have had The Marigold Company & Shot Stories by Varun Suresh to capture our special day. They were absolutely fabulous.
Her care did not stop with the events of course, even after the event she kept in touch and made sure we got delivery of all our photos (both traditional and candid) and the videos .

Srividya and her team are the absolute best at what they do and being a small boutique company run by a woman, they have the personal feminine touch which cannot be paralleled.
They treat your event as their own.

About Atulya
About Atulya

Niranjana Ramanan

The best decision we took for our engagement is going ahead with Team Atulya for the event. They became family the moment we got them on board and made us feel extremely comfortable despite all the tantrums :p 

Jayshree Kannan

Dear Atulya Events

Thank you for making my son’s engagement function a memorable happy event. You and your team executed our expectations, be it the theme or the live tea shop counter and the return gift coordinating with the colour of the theme. Made our visual thinking come to reality with lovely lotus and parrot theme and the highlight was you co operated with us in no plastic usage in any decor. Appreciate you and your team for staying till the end of the function and were ready to give a helping hand whenever required and made us enjoy the event without any tension or hassle. Thanks Sri Vidya in particular from the day one of our meeting to the final day of the execution you were very co operative and could understand our requirements well. Your decor was well appreciated by our guests. Keep doing the great job.

About Atulya
About Atulya

Krithika Ramesh

They are the ones who did the decor for a recent function at our home. I just told Vidya about what I had in my mind and she completely brought my ideas in to reality. A very friendly person who listens thoroughly on what the customer needs and deliver that with perfection. Her whole team is courteous and most importantly did everything on time. Atulya Weddings and Events is all about giving you an incomparable experience. Right from the get go, they conceptualize, style, enhance, build and execute your event with finesse. Any event is not just stage, decor, lights, entrance and flowers. Atulya caters to so much more than that, especially curating events that involve giving back something to society in the form of zero waste, no plastic or paper materials, reusable products, etc.

Atulya believes in curating an experience and not just a visually appealing setup. They love designing and recreating spaces, as well as full fledged events, keeping in mind the requirements of their clients. Trust them to balance traditional sensibility with modern sophistication and you will have your dream event ready!

Nirmala Raman

Vidya understands the ethos of the families involved in a marriage and takes a lot of effort to satisfy everyone's emotional needs. A truly dedicated approach that adds a lot of soul to the wedding sequence.  

About Atulya
About Atulya

Gita Srikanth

We worked with Vidya and her team for the wedding of our son. The underlying theme of our requirement was simple, understated, elegant, and green. The team made that happen, just the way we had envisaged. They took care of all the finer details and made the occasion a stress-free and memorable one for us. Thank you, Vidya!

Rakesh Raghunathan - Puliyogare Travels

It was one of the most aesthetically done up venues I have ever performed in. Designed by Atulya Weddings and Events, I must mention their attention to detail and meticulous planning involved for the evening to turn out the way it did. I had a great time showcasing 'Sacred Offerings'.

About Atulya
About Atulya

Jeyashree Vaidyanathan

Atulya Weddings and Events took the décor up by a few notches from whatever I had envisaged. Calm, comforting and uplifting at the same time, they created a divine atmosphere for my very special Navratri showcase. Forever thankful.

Arvind & Bala

We were so keyed up at the event that sometimes I feel that we missed some nuances of your detailing for various events!

It was indeed an exquisitely created event that complemented Miraya Greens beauty. The riot of colours afforded by natural flowers, the careful creativity with the use of environment friendly material and the quick adaptation to covered hall overnight was incredibly superb.


The decor for the evening was once again a stand out. One of our friends mentioned that it was like a movie set and karan johar would do well to take some notes on how to be unique, exquisite and minimalistic.

The zero waste effort while coming at an incremental expense left us satisfied at having attempted something that people may be tempted to follow.

The morning Vratham decoration were delightfully colourful and the kili josiyam seems to have been a super hit.

The entry of the bride and groom, the oonjal, Kalinda chadder, dhol, nadaswaram and flower decoration on the archway were spectacular.

We couldn’t spend time on the unique creation of the honey bee (!) missing it completely.

Bala and I need to attend another wedding of yours to really enjoy every single detail.

Thanks a bundle and a big hug from us.    

About Atulya
About Atulya

Renuka Ramnath

Sri Vidya was fully in charge of my son’s wedding in November 2016. It was conducted at our home which is 30 Kms outside Pune city centre.

It is easy to imagine how remote the location was and, to add to it, it was on top of a cliff, and so carrying goods up the not so well designed road was a unique challenge in itself.

We are Tamil Brahmins and my daughter-in-law is an American atheist. The wedding, managed so ably by Sri Vidya, was conducted in the utmost traditional style of a Brahminical wedding.

Ordinarily, you would expect your wedding planner to guide you to keep it very simple, shrink the guest list and do the bare minimum to avoid mishaps and excessive work. My son’s wedding was just the opposite. It was complex, from the concept to final execution.

When I think of Sri Vidya, it is difficult for me to rank between her two absolutely extraordinary skills-

One, an acute sense of aesthetics, extraordinary detailed planning combined with relentless hard work towards a meticulous execution.

Secondly, she has the unique ability to glean the type of experience the client is looking for, from the many inaccurate and jumbled descriptions and conversations.

She crafts out a theme that would befit the unique experience you want for yourself and your guests and helps you stay your course when you have your moments of doubt and fear. She also has a knack of knowing how to get the best mileage for your budget. Well thought out vendor selection, decor details and a holistic approach to the event are her distinctive strengths.

It is over 3 years since the wedding and even today, when I meet my friends and relatives, they recollect with extreme happiness the unique experience and joy they had at the wedding.

Wedding is a holistic experience of rituals, decor, food, entertainment, gifts and logistics. It is also about thinking about your guests, their needs and preferences. Srividya has the unique ability and tenacity to deal with each and every aspect of the detail including the ritualistic and fun activities of a wedding that would leave one with a feeling "I NEVER THOUGHT SOMETHING LIKE THIS WAS POSSIBLE".