About Atulya

We eliminated plastic at all stages of the wedding

Theme weddings are in vogue. Based on a central idea, a theme wedding will "add" many new and exiting layers to the simple ceremony of saying "I do". In contrast, this theme wedding thrived on elimination, and not addition. It eliminated plastic from the ceremony.
"From invitation cards, decor items and return gifts to saris, plastic was completely eliminated at all stages of the wedding. The catering group too did not use any plastic bottles, spoons or cups or even plastic waste bags.
"We used palm-leaf fans extensively in the decor, which were later distributed to the guests. Return gifts and sweets were packed in palm-leaf boxes". adding that organizing a plastic-free wedding did not proved any more expensive that organizing a regular one

Up close and personal with Atulya

Kalki is one of the oldest publications in Tamil Nadu and its women centric magazine, 'Mangaiyar Malar' was a trend setter. An article published in the Wedding Special edition of Mangaiyar Malar, showcased Atulya's outlook on the importance of family and traditions. A chance meeting between our founder, Ms. Srividya Krishna and Mrs. Lakshmi Natarajan, MD of Mangaiyar Malar, led to a detailed discussion on weddings and wedding planning, resulting in a formal interview for the magazine. "While most wedding planners end up doing just the peripheral work, my focus is always to help the mothers, and become an extended family member", says Vidya. In this article, she shares her experience of a 8 month long meticulous planning with the family for a destination wedding, in detail. 

About Atulya