“Consciousness should precede convenience”

Events in general generate large quantities of food, plastic, paper, flower and foam waste, that ends up in the landfills as mixed garbage, emitting tonnes of carbon that causes immense harm to our environment. Atulya is committed to "zero waste events" and in the past 3 years we have successfully curated several such events. When we curate an event, we have zero waste that goes into the landfills or waterbodies. Every harmful product is alternated with an organic option. The only waste that comes is organic and so can be composted or converted into a resource. Each of us can make a statement about our value systems through our actions. Weddings offers us the opportunity to get inspired and in the process inspire others.

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giving back to nature
giving back to nature
giving back to nature
giving back to nature

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About Atulya

Pushpagiri Ram

I had the pleasure of working with Vidya and the rest of her amazing team. Vidya was very professional and was always available to handle any of my questions and concerns at the time.  We being non residents of India, we didn’t worry much about organizing the event including, decor (pleasure to the eyes), food (delicious), photography (loved the clicks).  Everyone raved about the event afterwards. Your krishna theme is definitely a hit! I would definitely recommend Atulya Events for any special event planning. They are the best!

Shruthi & Vikrant

Weddings do generate a lot of waste... and the funny thing is, it is so difficult to be friendly to the environment.. and that's very striking. I think that is part of the mindset change we need.

I didn't really understand much about the implications of a zero waste wedding until I saw it. Things which you take for granted.. I missed it so much. But I'm going to be much more careful now.

About Atulya