Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive array of services, all designed to create a truly unforgettable experience.

We are with you in every step of your event journey, from selecting the perfect vendors for your specific needs, including photography and videography, to managing logistics with utmost efficiency. We pride ourselves on creating a captivating stage setup that serves as the centerpiece of your celebration, while also providing dedicated assistance for all religious ceremonies and rituals.

Furthermore, we specialize in seamlessly blending traditional elements into modern celebrations, creating a harmonious fusion that speaks to the heart of your cultural heritage. Our talent booking and entertainment planning services aim to elevate your event, ensuring that every moment is filled with joy and enchantment.

Additionally, to ensure that your loved ones can partake in your joyous occasion, we offer seamless live streaming services, allowing them to be a part of your special day, no matter the distance.

Last but not the least, we believe in fostering strong relationships with our carefully chosen vendors, ensuring that they share our commitment to precision and exceptional quality. This approach allows us to deliver a seamlessly coordinated event that reflects our meticulous standards.


Ancient rituals and time-tested traditions pervade Indian weddings. So much so, that today, we skip some, just follow the rules with others and modify most to suit contemporary celebrations. At Atulya, we persevere to

  • enlighten our clients about the true meaning behind each tradition,
  • ensure we organize rituals in the right sequence of events,
  • organize all necessary artifacts in an itemized list ahead of time
  • walk with you through every ritual and explain traditions

Make sure you don’t let the biggest day of your life pass you by in a flurry of organization, negotiation, meetings and decisions. Concentrate on making each moment count and soaking it all in. At Atulya, we operate on a turnkey basis, taking on the responsibility of being the single point of contact for the entire wedding.

Atulya’s vast hospitality network developed through experience, ensures that we have the expertise to help you pick your dream destination and venue. Whether you want an exotic resort getaway for a beautiful beach ceremony or a fairytale setting in a quaint boutique palace or even a string of grand, luxurious functions in the heart of a metropolitan city –Atulya’s extensive destination and hotel database is at your disposal to guide you in making the best decision.

International Destinations We Love:
Thailand | Bali

Indian Destinations We Love:
Rajasthan | Karaikudi, Chettinad Tamil Nadu

India is a land of rich and diverse cultures. The customs and rituals of a wedding ceremony varies across traditions, language and regions. But the tenets of a Hindu Vedic wedding remain the same – marriage is fundamentally a union of mind, body and soul.

Irrespective of whether you are from India or abroad, Atulya understands the intricacies of traditions at Vedic weddings and the emphasis on the ritual chanting of Vedic hymns. Known for their simplicity, grace and detail, we stand by the bride and groom through every step of the wedding, helping with organization and explanations throughout.

Apart from décor, catering, logistics, favors and many more services, Atulya can also arrange for a priest, translator, accommodation, local experiences and many more.

Celebratory Events

Every milestone across life, deserves a celebration. Atulya has helped provide end-to-end event management across a host of occasions and events.

  • Ayush Homam
  • Sashtiaptapurthi
  • Sadabishekam
  • Seemantham
  • Poonal / Upanayanam
  • Nischyadartham / Engagement
  • Grihapravesam

Sustainable Events

Events in general generate large quantities of food, plastic, paper, flower and foam waste, that ends up in the landfills as mixed garbage, emitting tonnes of carbon that causes immense harm to our environment.

Atulya is committed to “zero waste events” and in the past 3 years we have successfully curated several such events. When we curate an event, we have zero waste that goes into the landfills or waterbodies. Every harmful product is alternated with an organic option. The only waste that comes is organic and so can be composted or converted into a resource. Each of us can make a statement about our value systems through our actions. Weddings offers us the opportunity to get inspired and in the process inspire others.

Corporate Events

Our seasoned event planners specialize in creating memorable and impactful experiences that seamlessly blend professionalism with excitement. From meticulous planning and customized themes to expert coordination and cutting-edge technology, we tailor each event to reflect your brand identity.

With our experience, we bring innovation and precision to every corporate occasion, ensuring seamless execution and leaving a lasting impression. Trust us to turn your corporate event into an unforgettable success.


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