Rohit & Grace

Mahabalipuram, December 2022

Event Planner & Designer – Atulya Weddings and Events
Photographer – Kadhaigal by Nandhanandh Maran
Location – Radisson Blu Resorts, Temple Bay

Rohit and Grace’s fusion wedding, spanning continents and cultures, stands out as one of our most cherished endeavors. With the groom hailing from London, the bride from South Africa, and parents representing Singapore and the UK, this union showcased a beautiful blend of diversity. Rohit, an Iyer, and Grace, a Sardar, requested two distinct ceremonies over two days – a Tamil wedding and an Anand Karaj wedding. What made this celebration extraordinary was the challenge of ensuring both families, unfamiliar with the intricacies of each other’s traditions, experienced the ceremonies in all their glory. The joy was in seamlessly uniting the Tamil Vadiyar’s explanations in English, making the Sanskrit chants accessible for Grace’s father, and orchestrating the sacred energy of the Anand Karaj ceremony with Guru Granth Sahib at the wedding. This fusion wedding was a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and creating magical moments that resonate across cultures.

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